Two Best Anti-snore pillows with Impressive technologies

Two Best Anti-snore pillows with Impressive technologies

it’s Amazing Seeing  Information Technology moving at a speed of Light.
A decade ago, who will think that technology will get to common housing equipment?
It’s Amazing how these two companies zeeq and Nitetronic have built in a device into a pillow.

These two Popular pillows are going viral in the Anti-snoring market. The order is increasing day in day out as many People are purchasing these products for their partner and spouse.
It might interest You to know that celebrities like Ryan Rooney and other top celebrities are purchasing these pillows. For a pillow to be the best sell pillow in the world, it shows that such tech is really sophisticated.

Let’s Dash into each of this pillow and see why the entire world is talking about it today.

The word smart, Tells You how efficient Zeeq smart pillow could be.
it’s the most sophisticated pillow in the world.
Zeeq pillow is not Just a pillow it’s a device in the form of a pillow.

How zeeq smart pillow works.

  1. Zeeq Analyse sleep:
    People find it difficult to analyse their sleep, monitor how long they had slept and how deep they slept.
    The Good news is with zeeq smart pillows one can easily monitor sleep data and possibly analyse snore score after each sleeping section.
    with this function, one might know if he/she is coming out of snoring
  2. Zeeq pillow has a snoring Alarm? Snoring has been one of the biggest Relationship challenges.
    Zeeq has been integrated with a mini microphone which has the function of detecting snoring through the night.
    when snoring is detected by the zeeq pillow, the pillow will buzz or slightly vibrate, this vibration will help one to change sleeping position without waking up.
  3. Zeeq wireless music:
    Zeeq smart pillow has the hypnotic ability, this is what makes it extraordinary Pillow. Many People suffer from insomnia due to many Reasons.
    The big solution has come.
    How will You feel Listening to Your favourite music without headphone, without disturbing Your partner?
    with zeeq You can Listen to music’ playing in your pillow while you are dozing off.
    This device gives you the ability to select Your favourite music and playlist.

 Zeeq music sleep timer:
With Zeeq You can set the music sleep times so that the music can stop Automatically at your requested time.

  • What about battery Life?

 The battery Lasts up to two weeks.

  • zeeq smart Pillow materials:
    zeeq smart pillow material is unique and made of memory foam while the outer shell is made of foam. This gives one maximum comfort and a good sleep.
  • zeeq Tencer pillow cause:
    The Tencer fibre pillow case usually comes with zeeg pillows. This pillow case is a natural bacteria inhibitor. the pillow case can be removed and wash.

Clinical function of Zeeq smart pillow

 The main reason, this pillow was Design was to Alleviate snoring.
Base on Professional Advice zeeq smart pillow is one of the best Anti-snore Pillow.

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Nitetronic good nite Anti-snore pillow:

       Snoring has been a nightmare to many. Base on Relationship Counsellors, Many relationships have been broken Just because of Loud and Annoying snoring.
The Good news is we Can now put snoring behind bars by using one unique Pillow that is truly designed for snoring.
Good nite Antisnore pillow is the only clinically proven Anti-snore pillow with smart technology. It’s the first line of Pillows that specialist recommends for couples going through Relationship challenge due to snoring.
In Some Hospitals in U.S where patients share wards, these Pillows are being used to reduce Loud snoring and to Alleviate snoring.” The aim at which this pillow was designed was to make restful and healthy sleep affordable to everyone without side-effects or Compromises in sleep comfort” said Hubertus Von Janecek, CEO nitetronic.

Innovation effect of Goodnite Pillows

The creativity in Goodnite is to allow the pillow to monitor breathing sounds. when the user begins to snore the pillow gently, Quietly and Automatically turn the head of the user to another position or side thus snoring Automatically stops.

The effect of Head turn;
when the head has been turned there is an increase in the gap between the tongue and throat which eventually stops the vibration of the soft tissues in the upper airways and reduce snoring sound. this will further allow better breathing.
There is an Air chamber in the Goodnite pillow that is inflated for the above Action to take place. the inflated air chamber remains inflated for a certain time period to hold the head in the position thus Prevent snoring.

How effective is Good nite Anti-snore pillow?

Honesty has always been the soul of business. Good nite Anti-snore pillow becomes popular in Hospitals because of the Result it had Produce. Good nite Reduce snoring up to 85% average a night. it also has the ability to reduce Loudness of snoring up to 80%.

What’s the difference between Goodnite Antisnore pillow with other anti-snore pillows?
Good nite has a multiple Air Chamber while other antisnore pillows has a single Air Chamber

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